Eliza Doolittle still does a lot

Me: Uh.. hi! This purse.. I’d like to exchange it please.

Shop lady: Ma’am, just a minute.

Me: Yeah, no worries. I’ll just look around for a bit.

I walk around the store (will remain unnamed, popular fashion chain from America) and look at the bags. Apparently zip-less bags are the rage or what? None of them (except two specimens I wouldn’t ever carry) have zips. I return to the counter.

Me: I’m afraid I don’t like anything. Could you possibly refund it?

SL: No Ma’am. In fact, this is an accessory. We can neither exchange, nor refund it.

Me: What? But ….

And so continued a heated conversation with the staff. Finally the store-manager handed me a voucher for my troubles and gladly the zip-less thing was returned (kind of). Which leaves me in another spot: No new bag. Ugh. I’m beginning to think the one I have will  do for now, frayed zip and all. After all, a frayed zip is better than no zip.

Enough useless banter on my purse. And unless you read the last post on the blog, you probably have no idea what I’m going on about. So let me move to my newer and hopefully more interesting topic: My Fair Lady.

Seriously, WHAT a movie! Just one of those classics that never seem to lose their charm, and every time you watch it, you enjoy it. I practically grew up on My Fair Lady and Sound of Music and the lot, and I can lip-sync perfectly for Eliza (or for that matter Higgins, or Pickering) anywhere in the movie! (DH finds that annoying btw).

And the parts I like best? Well – you gotta love ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely’ at the beginning, when she only wants ‘a room somewhere’. I love the typically egotistical way Henry Higgins acts – ‘I shall never let a woman in my life’, and ends up doing precisely that! What I like the most, however, is: ‘There’ll be spring every year without you’. Love the tone, Higgins’ reaction and Hepburn’s expert delivery of a song that requires just the right mix of sarcasm and poking fun. And oh – I didn’t forget the races where she elucidates: “Come on Dover, come on, come on – MOVE YOUR BLOOMIN’ ARSE!”

All in all, a great watch – yet again! I barely had the time to watch it – finally managed to do so over 5 days on YouTube (yes they have it there) , but with both girls at home and lots happening in my life, it was the best I could do.

It looks as though somethings burning. Strange smell emanating from the kitchen. No. No. Please. My carefully (unwillingly is not the point) prepared dinner cannot scorch. Nooooooo. Gotta sort the mess – before the smoke alarm gets activated.. err.. yeah I’ve managed that a couple of times already. The building sirens were on and announcements were made to evacuate.. umm.. I’d burnt sweet-potato? Stupid smoke alarm. Anyway, in case you were wondering, the meat I was cooking is not burnt – but the gravy is slightly burnt. Meat still looks good to eat. Whew!


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