Rounding up the week


This pic explains my mood: tranquil, pensive and just a little quiet. Took this outside a mall…



As this week draws to a close, I sit writing this blog wondering why I’m not doing something more important and constructive. A part of me argues to say that excuse me! Blogging about nothing is perfectly constructive and not a waste of time at all, whilst another one reminds me of unfinished chores and work repeatedly. I determinedly quieten the ever-nagging side of me.


I read one of my favourite books in the last couple of days or so. Pride and Prejudice, yet again. It was on the Kobo app on the iPad and I can’t understand how classics always have that impact on you – how you always end up entangled in the story just as much as the protagonists even though you’re reading that particular book for the umpteenth time. I probably don’t need to say this but Jane Austen is an amazing writer. (Umm. duh?) That was the unobliging nagging side creeping up on me again.


Post reading P&P, I decided to watch the movie. I had heard and read much about the 1995 Colin Firth version and since I couldn’t find the first part on YouTube, (and since it seemed like a REAL waste of time to my alter ego) I gave it up. I ended up watching YouTube videos about conjoined twins Abby and Brittany, one about a Fisher-price doll that says ‘Islam is the Light’ and Ya Taiba, a nasheed I really like.  I also saw one video about that woman with freakishly long nails that look remarkably like over-grown claws, and umm, it kinda put me off for more. It’s amazing how much time I can kill on YouTube, when I really can’t spare any.

The week has been full of ups and downs and if I write about my downs on the world wide web, I think the other side of me will physically wallop me to make sure I am really down and out. I’ve had a few ups too – not the least of which was over-taking DH in his car on Al Khail Road and smiling smugly thereafter. Meal-times have been slightly better too, what with the Achaar-Gosht turning out good and Broccoli Soup better still.


Will you think I’m totally crazy if I say a few well-cried tears were comforting, or that some silences were enlightening – in the sense that the contemplation in those periods helped me to realize a few very important things? Life is so precious, and you gotta be thankful. I need to take each day as it comes, concentrate on each challenge big or small and be grateful for every breath I am blessed enough to take. zz


2 thoughts on “Rounding up the week

  1. just thought to drop a line and say hats off writer by giving Amir a piece of advice. Keep on blogging jai ho…

    Mir liyaqat
    indian occupied kashmir

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