In the kitchen: when things go wrong

The casserole was nothing like this… sigh



I chewed on the rubbery thing in my mouth (wondering if it was indeed fish), and miraculously, did not spit it out. “This is quite good, actually,” I said gingerly. “Smells great too,” I added for good measure. And technically it wasn’t a lie. The fish casserole I had so painstakingly prepared, sadly, appeared to have contracted a disease which made it look ugly and as though it had fat boils (which were in fact potatoes) but strangely enough, it smelt quite appetizing, especially when it was inside the oven and you couldn’t actually see the thing.

He cautiously ate a mouthful and I watched as his face contorted and then rapidly the grimace vanished. “Mmm. This is nice,” he said. What a perfect gentleman. I wonder if he is thinking about the ‘steak episode’, another classic in my culinary endeavours. What had happened then was that we ended up having a major row when he informed me just what he thought of it. So wisely, he decided to play it safe when the fish casserole turned into a hideous combination (or was it conspiracy?) of over-cooked (or was it raw?) fish, too many potatoes, and burnt white sauce. Sigh. Who knew internet recipes were such a farce? I found this particular recipe with a whole bunch of positive reviews and thought, “Right, this should be fun.” Wasn’t.

Other than that, I’ve managed to buy a lovely new bag (refer to older posts for the bag dilemma), fought multiple times in the week, wasted hours on YouTube, over-eaten (not the casserole, of course) and haven’t worked out at all. All in all, it’s been a nice few days. But I did get to hear some worrying news from back home, and that made me somewhat anxious.

I’ll sign off now – there’s only so much time I can find with the girls creating havoc and loving every bit of it. Then I will read O Henry stories, once I have a moment to myself. Love his ‘twist in the tale’ stuff. Ciao.


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