A fan’s letter to Mohammed Amir

Note: This blog first appeared on Dawn.com.


Dear Mohammed Amir,

When the tribunal was deciding your fate in Doha, as a nation we were waiting with bated breath for the final decision. Some of us were so dismayed by your antics that we suggested you, along with your two cronies should be imprisoned, others insisted upon a life ban. Those on the other end of the spectrum vouched for your innocence.

You persistently spoke of your complete innocence and come on, Amir, a lot of us have a hard time believing your claims. Now I am not blessed with the knowledge of the unseen and I can in no way claim that you lie – only God and you know the complete truth. But the tribunal said you are guilty and it makes more sense to admit to a crime which it seems you did commit.

I mean, what’s so bad about saying you were lured by money and that you are sorry? Do you know that great men in the past have admitted to their mistakes and have gained so much respect in the world? Do you know you could suddenly win the sympathy of our countrymen who, you may not realize this, have the ability to forgive?

You captured hearts with your bowling, but then you broke them too. Now is the time to begin mending them and as an idol for young fans, you need to give us some answers. I realize you are only 18 years of age, and that’s why I believe this decision could be a blessing in disguise for you.

Ever thought about studying? Getting enrolled in a good school somewhere, getting a degree, and serving your ban like a true gentleman? Cricketers around the world have made strong comebacks after getting educated – Pakistan Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq is a prime example. Your swing and seam will not desert you Amir, for you are prodigiously talented. You’ll be a qualified man with another profession to fall back on.

And then there’s the physique. You are thin and lanky and in the five years away from cricket, you could use the time to work on your body. Playing international cricket is a demanding profession and working on your fitness might help to minimize the chance of some career-threatening injury. Plus, the lads easier on the eye (and higher on the hotness quotient) are always more popular. I read somewhere that it looked as though you had been crying after the decision was announced, and you know what, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to say you’re sorry, it’s okay to make mistakes – we all do. Just admit to them like a man.

And Amir, a word of advice before I sign off – please choose your friends wisely. For someone who carries the hope of a nation mired in strife and controversy, you need to make sure the guys you hang out with are not cheats, drug addicts and crooks. And please, PLEASE, stop wearing marijuana T-Shirts, okay?

Yours sincerely,

Mehmudah Rehman

The writer is a wannabe cricketer, and the minor fact that she has never picked up a wicket or hit a six fails to deter her. She blogs at Notes to Self.



7 thoughts on “A fan’s letter to Mohammed Amir

  1. It is a very nice letter Mehmudah (it is my Nani’s name too, but with a family name of Khan) you have really impressed me with that bit of advise to Aamir.

    I blog at http://www.legslip.com (I am a banker from Canada and the other blog administrator is khansahab, he is a lawyer from the UK, he is an intern) You may visit our blog and we can add your blog link on legslip. Carry on the good work.

  2. It is surprising to see a female with that much interest in cricket 🙂 Your eloquence coupled with care and love for the player makes it a treat to read.

    By the way, how do you get your blogs appear at dawn.com? I too have the passion for writing and I really want them to run my articles/write-ups.

    Your piece of advice would mean a lot to me.

  3. Thanks very much! I’d already been contributing to the print version for a while… and I was asked if I could do a blog…

    I think you can contact dawn.com through the contact us page.. I’m sure your passion will make you succeed!

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