Giving it your best shot

I’m sorry if I sound like your fifth grade class teacher, but for achieving anything in life, you’ve just got to put in something special. I think the realization hits me on a periodic basis, and when it does, I redouble my endeavours to produce the results I want.

To write a good piece, you’ve got to work hard and hope for the best, to play good cricket, you’ve got to practice like crazy, and to cook something delicious, you’ve got to try sincerely (DH agrees, big time) . Likewise for looking better than ordinary, and most importantly, for the environment at home to flourish and be lovely and special, you’ve just got to be a better person, and make a conscious effort to curb your bad side.

Nothing is accomplished if you take things easy, and as for me, whenever I go a little lax, I see the results immediately. Life is such a great gift, and I really want to be someone who can look back at each day and think, “Yeah, I didn’t waste my time, and gave it my best.” At this point I think the biggest thing anyone can have in life is a sense of contentment, because success is always going to be a relative word.

Let me explain myself. Hypothetically speaking, you’ve always wanted a high-flying career, and you started quite low, as an assistant. You dreamt of being the manager, and you thought, if only I could be the manager, I’d be the happiest guy in the world. Your persistence pays off and lo! And behold – you become the manager a few years later. Contrary to what you thought, you are not the happiest guy in the world (not by a long shot) and look wistfully at the CEO every time you pass his office, wondering what you’d do with all that money, if you were as highly paid for sitting around and looking important. You wonder how your neighbour got that great promotion, and you can’t stop thinking about the year-end appraisals because you bloody well want to get promoted too!

Has anyone experienced something similar? You might have, and that’s why I say success isn’t always the answer.  Contentment, however, is. And for me, contentment comes when you put in that little extra. You feel so satisfied with yourself, life becomes extraordinary just because you glow with that lovely feeling of self-belief that comes ith having given it your best shot.

That said, there are some things in life which will always remain ‘ordinary’ no matter how much ‘extra’ anyone puts in it. I’m off to change her diaper, and I have to say the task remains a rather ordinary one, regardless of the ‘extra’ amount of…  ahem… ‘stuff’ she might have in there. I know. Yuck. LOL.


5 thoughts on “Giving it your best shot

  1. Success if relative for sure, but sometimes there is a freakishly small teeny line between success and failure. And yes, I may be satisfied by “I gave it my best shot”, but the reality of the situation is, no one really cares about how hard I tried to get something done, (except maybe for your family and close friends). The magic question is, did I get something accomplished?

    I do like the end of your article.

  2. its true that we usually strive to excel in life as set by others parameters,forget our own happiness and contentment.we associate success with substantial accomplishment and that is what society expects from us.There is a thin line between ‘success’ and ‘flah'(couldn’t find its meaning in English)..flah stands for heart contentment..Cant we adjust ourselves in mid of both??

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