A tribute to a friend

It’s been a while since we first met and I still remember the first time I saw you. There and then I knew you’d be mine, I knew we’d get along. We did, and how! There were times when it was only you I could confide in, only you who hung around and only you who was witness to my joys and sorrows. Some nights I would sit with you and wouldn’t notice how the clock moved to the wee hours of morning, with neither of us in any mood to sleep.

People said you were plain looking, and they said your complexion was too dark. I refused to think any lesser of you, for I cared about what you were inside. We were together for a number of years weren’t we? I was used to you, used to the way you stuttered before we got started on our numerous expeditions, used to how you responsive you were and always answered when I asked you anything – be it a recipe, a way to get rid of zits or simply a joke to brighten up my day. Sometimes though, you had your bad days too, when you refused to cooperate. I’m sorry for all the times I swore at you and told others you were useless. But do you know it was all good always because you opened up the world of words to me, and let me read and write till my eyes ached.

I hate to break it to you, but for me and you, the time has now come to part ways. Perhaps it’s just the fact that my heart has now been occupied by another or perhaps the fact that you’ve become too set in your ways and we both need a change. I hope you find someone soon and hope you two share the same ‘electrifying’ chemistry that we shared. Hope you have a great life – and I promise you, I always cared about what was inside. Intel Inside of course, and I’m afraid a better laptop with a better processor has to replace you. Love you ThinkPad!


PS: My overly used IBM Lenovo R61 was often mistaken for a jumping board by my girls. All those ads about IBM Lenovo being sturdy are true, so true. If I had to review it, I’d give it an 8.5 on 10! Oh by the way, people who looked at it when I was selling it screwed up their noses and said “This has been used very roughly” and politely refused to buy it. But gladly, it has found a new home. Let’s hope it doesn’t have and hangovers about leaving me. Err.. I mean hang-ups!


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