Pakistan vs India: the ultimate showdown!

May the best team Pakistan win!

The hype that surrounds the big match in Mohali tomorrow, (which has been dubbed the mother of all finals), can in one word, be described as mad. News channels and media around the world have gone into a frenzy trying to predict the winner with their team of experts. Sanjay Manjrekar said in an interview that he felt that the Pakistan-India match would be a one-sided affair as India is a far better team. Others have predicted that the better bowling side (men in green) would be the victors.

Living in a multicultural city like Dubai you generally come in contact with a lot of people from different nationalities – especially Indians. These days the corporate offices where Pakistanis and Indians work together are full of a palpable tension, the kind that only a cricket match can induce. It’s nerve-wracking to think about the game and the result, and for once, let’s look at some reasons why we can watch the match without caring about who will win.

Read on, and add to the list!

1. We can party!

A match like this means friends and families get together and have a ‘ball’ and let their hair down, especially since most of Pakistan (and India too, I suspect) will be closed down anyway!

2. Afridi

Well, need I say more? The captain is all charisma and talent and the team is finally looking united. And as much as I admire MS Dhoni’s calm demeanour, Afridi is lively and energetic, not to mention way better looking!

3. Sachin Ton-dulkar factor

Pakistanis are a people with big hearts and we give credit where it’s due. The Little Master (humble and unassuming as ever) is nearing 100 international hundreds is a treat to watch. He is welcome to score the hundred as long as Pakistan WINS.

4. No load-shedding

If the government was kind enough to forget about the power cuts in the quarter-finals, one can be sure Karachi really will be the city of lights on Wednesday. Hopefully, this bout of compassion will carry on…

5. Inspiration

This match will inspire our budding cricketers like no game has ever done before, and who knows? Perhaps an Imran Khan in the making will get the motivation he needs.

6. Ministers acting like buddies

Yusuf Raza Gilani (and his entourage – lucky guys!) get to see the match in Mohali. Here’s hoping the leaders of both countries forge a better relationship and put an end to all the needless enmity!

7. Patriotism

When was the last time we felt so patriotic? Our youth (and elders) certainly need to love the country more! The feeling of patriotism binds together every Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi and Pathan as we forget our differences and support the team. C’mon Pakistan – De Ghumaa Ke!

8. Akhtar’s in-swinging yorkers

The Rawalpindi Express might be in the playing 11, and he might, just might repeat the magic of THAT match – the one that involved Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, shattered stumps and a shell-shocked Eden Gardens crowd. Does the retiring pace-man still have one last point to prove before hanging his boots?

9. National pride

We’ve made it to the semis! We were down and out after the horrible spot-fixing controversy, got snubbed at IPL, and everyone refused to come to our country to play cricket. How’s that for a challenging situation?

10. Fair chance

Well, I know winning isn’t everything, but there is a possibility that we can actually set that record of never having beaten India in the World Cups right at last… Who knows – we might play the finals!

Let’s remember this, cricket is after all, just a game and winning and losing is a part of it. Here’s more power to Team Pakistan!

Pakistan Zindabad!

4 thoughts on “Pakistan vs India: the ultimate showdown!

  1. Great thread Mehmoudah, you are echoing the feelings and sentiments of ALL the Pakistanis in Pakistan and abroad. Most of us in Canada have taken a day off (match starts at 4:00 a.m. EST) or, at least half a day for those who have businesses. I have heard that in Seattle (where the match starts at 1:00 a.m.) the Microsoft guys have set up a giant screen and Indians as well as Pakistanis are watching together. The atmosphere is electrifying there is NO other discussion except for the semifinals, which we on our blog call it as “Clash Of The Titans.” Our full support is for Pakistan and we want Pakistan to not only win this semifinal but THE CUP.

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