Wish I could fly away somewhere…

To anyone who’s been following this blog (and I realize how boring that must be) I’m sorry I haven’t ranted up here at all in the past few weeks or so. It’s been a really hectic few of weeks, but strangely enough, there has been satisfying high-octane action. And yet, this particular morning dawns with yours’ truly in a bit of a rut for reasons best left unexplored on the www.

Wouldn’t mind a hideout such as this – Mamzar Park for a day, really… image cred: self

Coming to some important stuff – I’m SICK, SICK of the blasts in Pakistan, particularly Karachi! What on earth is happening!? First the gambling house blast, now another couple of blasts today? IS there no end to the terrorism? I feel so powerless… I want to change everything, and yet I can do little except seethe at it all. You open the newspaper over your morning cereal and you get annoyed, worried, and anxious. I wish things would somehow improve.

As they are in Britain, where the royal wedding is all things good and rosy. Tourists, merchandises, public image of  England, all improving like anything. A cynic like me can’t help but remember poor Diana who was constantly fearing the royal family, and died in a car crash over which, to this day, a dark cloud of conspiracy hangs gravely unexplained.

Coming to cricket – I don’t watch IPL. Yeah I know that’s a first. I find it over-hyped and somewhat pointless. But I am watching the Pak-WI series and I have to say it’s quite an anti-climax after the heady world cup days. But still there’s international cricket to watch!

I think Ramiz Raja is improving as a commentator… really.. and about time too. He’s generally been below par, IMHO and is only just catching up. Speaking of cricket, I’m itching to play myself, but circumstances have forced the budding cricketer inside of me to.. to shut up and sit down.

Do I sound like I’m in a bad mood? I am. I woke up with a throbbing headache and dizziness… and fever. Still have that after a massive cup of chai… yawn. Wish I could fly away somewhere….

PS: there’s going to a cheerful post soon iA!


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