A nightly prayer

Let the night be just a bit longer,

Let this peace be, so profound, let it linger,

Let the quiet in the darkness envelope me again,

Let the obscurity conquer the pain.


Why do these moments pass away so soon?

So short-lived, the glow of the moon,

Let it tarry tonight but a little,

Let it strengthen a heart so brittle.


Let this night ease the wrinkles of life,

Let there be peace from perpetual strife,

Let there be a voice so crystal clear,

Let it fall, a calming tear.


Conviction, everything my soul ever knew,

Will it stay as I witness the early morning dew?

Only time will tell, for it’s all about connection,

For only He is the object of this nightly reflection.


4 thoughts on “A nightly prayer

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  2. A tear that brings me closer to Him, Is more beloved to me than a smile,
    That makes me ignorant of Him, and takes me away from Him for a while.
    The times when my heart and eyes sob with grief,
    Holding firmly to His promise with uttermost belief

    Those are the moments I search for in my life,
    Those are the moments that make me realize;
    No matter what happens, Patiently I shall remain,
    For everything comes from Him, Relief or Pain

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