Ten reasons why I will resist the urge to join Twitter

Just about everyone is on Twitter or Facebook these days. Whilst I have already spoken about why I quit Facebook, I am yet to try out Twitter. On first glance, it is kind of cool, isn’t it? But after a few days of contemplation, I have decided not to join the Twitter community. My reasons for doing so are as follows.

  1. I don’t really have many friends. This means that I have only 4-6 real friends – the kind I’d wake I in the night if I’d be in trouble and the kind who would lecture me if I act silly, and me them. I don’t need a social network to follow them. They follow me and I follow them, and we do it on a private scale and I don’t see why I need to do that publicly?
  2. I’m socially inept. That’s right. I cower behind taller people at parties and determinedly stare at my watch or pretend to be busy with handling my kids just so I don’t have to make small talk. Joining a social network is like living the online party. Err.. no thanks.
  3. Following seems like stalking, really. Why on earth do I need to meddle in someone else’s affairs, and why the heck do I need to know what they’re up to? Like why?
  4. The blue bird is annoying. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Fear of addiction. I’ve heard twitter can be really addictive. Really don’t feel like dealing with yet another addiction.
  6. TMI. Once you are on a social network, you feel the need to communicate, and back when I was on Facebook, I used my brain extensively trying to come up with witty/meaningful statutes. Due to the compelling urge of ‘sharing your thoughts’ on social networks, too-much-info is likely.
  7. Anyone can follow anyone! Gasp! Imagine, if I’m saying all sorts of undesirable stuff about someone on my protected tweets and they begin to follow me? The horror! Or, if someone I really want to avoid follows me?
  8. I’m not a celebrity and I don’t see why anyone would hang on to my every word.
  9. I think Twitter sounds like a massive waste of time.
  10. I’m an intensely private person, and Twitter would ruin the mystery that people say surrounds me.

So, for now, I will stick to sending my ‘short, timely messages’ to the One Who really understands them, and really happens to care. I’m pretty sure even if I had an unlikely 2000 followers on Twitter, not even 2 of them would be genuinely concerned about how I feel.

Social media happens to be one big ego-feeding exercise and I’d like to be cautious. Some might argue that blogging is also essentially the same, but I disagree with that. Blogging conveys a complete, often useful thought and I do not drop in on anyone’s domain (like when a tweet/status update is done) rather I am only decorating my own virtual home.



8 thoughts on “Ten reasons why I will resist the urge to join Twitter

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  2. Hi Mehmudah, 🙂

    I could have written this exact post, just a few months ago. I loved reading it – and I really like your writing style as well. I have said my bit about twitter so I won’t go there, except that I AM trying it out. So far its not a perfect fit, but I might grow into it. 🙂 What can I say, I am not crazy about social media, but it seems like the way to go, especially when I think this onling writing might be my calling – gasp!
    I will be checking your blog regularly! See ya.

  3. Thanks Marya for the comment, I look forward to seeing you around.

    You’re quite right about social media being the way to go in online writing, and I do believe after reading your work that you have a good chance of making it work. It’s probably the single biggest traffic-bringer (if thats a word lol) to your work. At the moment though, I will pass…

  4. Asalamu3likum, I just stumbled onto your blog and TOTALLY agree. What is so appealing about Twitter? I suppose it’s good if someone wants instant news (real news) updates, but why waste time telling your thoughts/listening to other random people’s thoughts? I can agree with all your points. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. “So, for now, I will stick to sending my ‘short, timely messages’ to the One Who really understands them, and really happens to care.”

    -This line just nailed the point! =)

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