D8 I miss you

For the uninitiated D8 is the family home in Karachi. The place I grew up in, the place that shaped me into the person that I am today. Don’t live there any more, but yeah I miss it loads. Below are a few glimpses of the house, which reminds me of Mom wayyy too much. Oh by the way this link below is a piece I wrote a couple of years back, dedicated to the place itself:


The tamarind tree at the entrance.

Dad's birdies still flock here in large numbers

A million memories. A lot of them cricket-related.

I can almost hear Dad saying 'please get the kids out of here!'

The aged door that I banged relentlessly

The garden springs a surprise in the form of this yellow flower.

PS: This post is dedicated to IR, MR, S1, S2, H1, S3 and M1.


17 thoughts on “D8 I miss you

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  2. Mehmudah, the article is awesome! And especially the pics that u have taken… Good job! Plz do remember us in ur prayers in this holy month.

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