A taste of Pakistan in Dubai

A couple of days before Eid, I went to buy henna for the girls in Karama. And found this little Pakistani supermarket with all Pakistani brands and foods! This one is close to the Bombay Chopatti in Karama, and there’s another one next to Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant in Karama. Haven’t been to the bigger one (next to Ibrahimi) but here are some shoddy cell-phone pics of the Apna Pakistan Supermarket.


Pakistani Junk Food! Fancy a Chilli Milli?


Olper's Milk and Everyday Milk Powder - guy at the counter says Everyday is one of the top selling items


Shezan, National, Ahmed, Mitchell's - all jams, dips, everything


United King fried vermicelli, enjoyed by Pakistanis esp. in Ramadan


Biscuit brands -- the taste is so nostalgic!


And lastly, the best part, the grand finale - (drumroll please) ---- SLIMS!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I know pics are horrible, but they kinda give you an idea, no? Plus, try taking pics when the better half goes: “Chalo! You’re embarrassing us! Stop acting like you’ve never seen Slims before!”


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