Pearls for Friday

What a week this has been! Whew! Finally it’s Friday, which actually promises to be more tiring than the whole week put together… I want to fly away………… for a little bit, let me soar!

I hope to write a detailed post on that soon, Insha Allah. For now, enjoy these two recitations. The first is by Imam-al-Kaaba Maher Al-Muaiqely, and I adore the way this guy reads Surah Fatiha.

The second is a soothing recitation of Surah Kahf, I just got it on YouTube and it doesn’t mention the reciter’s name. Beautiful though.



5 thoughts on “Pearls for Friday

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  2. Yeah, certainly!

    However, as far as personal favourites go, I have to say Shuraim is my favourite. His voice is like the dazzling sun on the crest of mighty waves crashing into the shore….

    Mahir Al-Muaiqely’s recitation is like the waterfall in a beautifully green and lush valley, Sudais’ is like an earnest beseech to Allah — the words forming a path upwards as though on their own, Hudhaifi’s like the moonlight, illuminating the world in serenity… each Qari is unique, as you so rightly said.

    A few others come to mind, perhaps I’ll write a blog post sometime…

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