Why bad days and PMS happen – seriously!

You might not believe me, but I’ve just made this massive scientific discovery. I have discovered the reason for that dreadful thing called PMS. Someone once said it was called PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken – but that’s beside the point, lol.

But before I give you the goods on that, I need you to follow a story. I, like many others, was having a bad day. Bad would be a bit of an understatement really. After getting into a needless row with the better half, I had been dwelling over lots of stuff I had best not explore on the www. And of course good old PMS was around too.

Since I couldn’t pray anyway, I decided to watch a romantic Hollywood comedy, called a friend, ate some comfort food and tried to feel good – good about everything rotten that had happened during the day. I tried and tried to bring myself out of the doldrums but it didn’t work. You know what did? Same thing that works every time. Getting back to Allah. So: (clears throat) my discovery says Allah gave us PMS so that we remember him during menstruation when we can’t pray salah! Granted PMS doesn’t last forever, but if you do screw up during it, you’ll probably need to remember Allah pretty desperately over the next few days!

And every real comfort or satisfaction comes only from Allah, and remembering Him and loving Him and His beloved (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam). Any happiness that takes you away from Allah is actually a bad thing and any challenges that bring you close to Him are in fact a blessing. And I say this with a faith I hope Allah would like.


2 thoughts on “Why bad days and PMS happen – seriously!

  1. such a beautiful message in the nasheed, thanks for sharing it. As I go through the depths of despair and depression, it is these constant reminders which slip my mind, that bring me back to reality, Allah knows and He is enough for me. The pictures in your gallery are also a reflection of Allah’s beauty in nature and so are we as humans, you and me. and I am so glad I follow your blogs. you are a picture of perfection and Allah knows, we try our best, isn’t that ever good enough for us?

  2. Jazak Allah Imrana for the comment. Yes how true — if only we understood that Allah knows and that that is enough. We’re far away from being perfect, but we’re making a sincere effort and He knows. Thanks for sharing that profound thought.

    It’s pretty special how we can connect, alhamdulillah, and i’m very lucky to have someone like you follow the blog!

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