There’s something about chocolate…

It’s dark, dreamy delight — melts into your mouth. If I sound like I’m in love with chocolate, I am. Below are some of the reasons why.

I don't particularly care for these (far too sweet) but the girls love them.

  1. It’s really satisfying, especially dark chocolate. Check out this article here.

    This is it. 70% cocoa Lindt dark chocolate. Divine.

  2. It’s healthy, seriously —
  3. It’s addictive, and this is a way better addiction than say, smoking or alcohol.
  4. Chocolates make great gifts.

    .. Or you could just go buy it for yourself, like I did.

  5. They smell wonderful.
  6. I bribe the girls with it (sometimes) and it kinda works.

    Although it does get a bit messy when they want to make a Nutella sandwich all on their own!

  7. Gives me that extra power of concentrating hard on something.
  8. Puts me in a good mood.

    I am just about to devour that ...

  9. Does not cost much if eaten in moderation.

    .... but someone else got to it first! Young as they are, the girls seem to love dark chocolate!

  10. Does not need to be cooked by me!

    Dude, this is food too!


21 thoughts on “There’s something about chocolate…

  1. i am seriously craving chocolate now. However, here is a bit of bad news, i just read today that chocolate faces the risk of shortage in the coming decade. The logic given is that as chocolate has been introduced to the far east and other remote places, the demand is more and the supply is less. who knew? i am stocking up on my dairy milk. 😛

    • SaFire, there is a similar rumour about Pakistani mangoes being introduced in to China and we won’t get them here. The USA has not yet allowed Pakistani mangoes in the US but, Indian, Mexican and a few other countries fruit which looks like Mango but, doesn’t taste like a mango is allowed. It is our good luck that we still get Chaunsa and Anwar Ratole in Canada.

  2. yeah, and they even have body washes and creams with the chocolate aroma. I was once gifted a chocolate body wash by someone and I almost wanted to eat up myself after a shower lol

  3. Ameena more than 72% of the girls say chocolate is seriously the best thing in the world, why? After all its a man made thing whereas, Mangoes is a gift from Allah and whenever I eat Chaunsa and Anwar Ratole, I say: “To which of the bounties of your Lord shall ye deny?” Surah Rahman.

  4. i haven’t tried the Mozart – are they dark? And where do you get them?

    Ameena, Trader Joe’s sounds great. Next time someone’s coming from the US (or maybe when I visit) I am so getting them!

  5. As a fellow chocolate (especially dark) lover, I’m going to have to say this is the most delicious post I’ve ever come across. You’ve done chocolate proud and sent me salivating.

    We have a shop called the Chocolate Bar here and it’s literally chocolate lover’s heaven. It just might be better than the real thing, even. EVERYTHING is made out of chocolate and if they don’t have it, they’ll special order it for you. You can get anything carved, molded, brushed, coated, chiseled –anything!– out of chocolate there and they have varieties of chocolate to choose from. I mean, really, the place is INSANE in the best possible way.

    I also wrote a love letter to chocolate a while ago ( )

    This was the most decadent post evaaaaaah!

  6. Chocolate. Oh Chocolate. You know, just about every month somebody does a post about chocolate. And it makes me positively me giddy. Just like I can’t get enough of eating chocolate, I can’t get enough of reading/drooling over pictures of the stuff either! Dark chocolate is my folly. And I just love that there is so much research out there about how great chocolate is for you. Sure, it says in moderation…but I choose to ignore that part :).
    BTW, are the chocolate shells Guylian? The other day I was in a coffee shop and Lil Z was smiling at the barrista, and she gave us half a dozen of these pieces for free just because he was such a charmer :).

  7. Long time ago, I introduced the company (Suchard) to Abu Dhabi Duty Free shop and that was the only place in the UAE you could get them. Yes they are dark, I call them Mozart kay Go-loo, Go-loo chocolate. You can check on the internet and ask them if there is any dealer in Dubai? Use that link and see their variety also a cross section of that chocolate showing marzipan. If anyone goes to Seattle, there is a shop in Redmon called SEE’ CANDIES. Their marzipan chocolates are also very good.

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