Remember Me… I will remember you

When confusion reigns supreme,

When everything appears doubtful,

When darkness surrounds me from everywhere,

When the burden in my heart I cannot bear,

When I’m searching for assurance, desperately so,

When I feel there’s nothing that I really know,

When responsibilities weigh me down so much,

When there’s nothing I look forward to as such,

When I wish I knew how to win,

When I realize I’m practically covered in sin,

I remember Allah, and He remembers me,

It’s that simple, don’t you see?

I call out his name in company and when I’m alone,

He does the same, says a hadith well-known,

He says He’s near when we ask about Him,

He understands each feeling, each wish and whim,

He is Allah, exalted be He and praised beyond measure,

Indeed, in prayer there is infinite pleasure!

Text and photo by me


11 thoughts on “Remember Me… I will remember you

  1. Beautiful poetry! Aaaaand it rhymes? DOUBLE POINTS.

    These are my favorite reminders –one’s written by people who’ve experienced it straight from their heart to paper (or post).

    Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. SubhanAllah. Surely Allah swt comes just as close to you as you wish Him to. Reaching out to Him in all good and bad times- thats yhe very essence of life.
    Amazing how you could convert your thoughts so well in poetry! 🙂 well done!

  3. Hey Sadie! How’re you dude! So true — good times and bad. “Remember Allah in moments of ease, Allah will remember you in moments of difficulty..”

    Jazak Allah, thanks for reading and commenting.

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