The Call

A mosque in Dubai. Photo by me


The imam’s voice is deep, soulful and penetrating as it touches the recesses of my heart. I am in prayer, in front of my Creator, and for whatever I’m worth, I’m standing there, bowing down and calling out to the One.

It’s been a weird day – come to think of it – it’s a weird day everyday. That’s how life is though, isn’t it? Allah made it so – so that we’d remember Him, ask Him for help and submit to what He wills. As I bow down in Sujood, I know the words I fervently whisper are being heard, that although the other person in the room may not be able to decipher them, the One in the heavens can hear them crystal clear.

He knows I find myself short in pretty much every challenge life throws at me and that He helps me get by, making it appear as though I always had everything under control.

One more time… Allah… yet another time… I call out to You.

My sight is blurred with tears but my perception, astonishing as it sounds, suddenly finds its focus.


Allahu Akbar.


12 thoughts on “The Call

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    • I actually live in Dubai! I’m coming back in about a week for two weeks before returning to Singapore (where I am at the moment). My husband’s based out of Dubai, but travels on a weekly basis. If he goes outside of the Middle East, I usually tag along and that means for longer periods of time. 😦 I really miss Dubai. Can’t wait to go back.

      • Oh that’s why you’re so familiar with the place! But seriously isn’t all that globetrotting fun? Come back here and we should try and meet up Insha Allah!

  2. mashaAllah dear Mehmudah, I love your photograpy and your blog!
    It has changes quite a lot since the last time I visited it. What camera do you use and did you take some courses?

    much love,

    • Hey Maryam!

      Salaams! Jazak Allah Khair. Yes it has changed a bit hasn’t it… I guess I just let it sway with whatever I feel like…

      Nope no courses yet, I don’t have the time, but I wish I could take some.

      I’m not using a dslr camera, but a Canon Powershot Sx30is which is a bridge camera – essentially a non-professional camera with a big zoom lens.

      Thanks for visiting Maryam!


      • yes the change does look amazing mA dear Mehmoudah ❤

        acha, really, no courses, then you rock ❤
        your most welcome, i'll keep vising iA. I love looking at the pics you take, they have a soothing effect on my heart, alhamdulilah 🙂

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