The beach

Iconic hotel, Burj ul Arab. Never been inside. Have you?


This fence separates the Burj's beach with the open beach.


Err.. someone seriously needs to clean up this fence!


Sometimes the best things in life are simple.


'Twas a cloudy evening. Kinda.


Is it pregnant? Sorry, I just couldn't handle the 'tummy sticking out' bit.


15 thoughts on “The beach

  1. Love the pix! I actually got to go inside the burj. I didn’t think it’s entrance was as fancy as some of the other hotels in Dubai. We got a tour of the rooms which were definitely amazing. Beautiful views of the oceans, two floor suites, incredible beds, etc. All very Dubai over-done style. You aren’t missing much though in my opinion. The restaurants inside aren’t very good at all. I would say the nicest thing is the view from the top.

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  3. I’ve seen this beautiful hotel from the outside but we never did make it in. Dubai is such a lovely place full of amazing hotels – I can’t imagine how the Burj outdid all the others!

    One day I’ll find out…

    • Yeah, that’s true! Some of the newer developments are pretty cool. I think if you just want to enter the Burj ul Arab and not eat at restaurants or purchase something, it costs you about 350 dirhams – guess that’s nearly a 100 dollars!

    • Thanks for the comment. The caption was somewhat sarcastic, you’re absolutely right, the fence is wondrous in it’s own way.

      Really enjoyed the rusty photos, thanks for sharing!

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