As the sun sets I remember this ayah…

The sun and the moon follow courses exactly computed. Surah Rahman ayah 5, Al Quran


“As-Shamsu Wal Qamaru Bi Husbaan”




10 thoughts on “As the sun sets I remember this ayah…

  1. I love Surat Ar Rehman. Every time I read an ayah describing each of the signgs, and then the ayah “SO which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” it sends chills down my spine. Subhanallah. May Allah (swt) help us appreciate and see the beauty of all of His signs such as the sun and the moon that are so easily overlooked. Ameen.

  2. The pic is awesome mashaAllah..u clicked it?
    and when I was little, I used to love Surah Rehman for a VERY different was one of those surahs which I could complete super quick..and even recite the verse (u mentioned above) without even having to look at the mushaf 😀
    Ah! childhood days! 🙂 (sorry..a very random thought I know…but it suddenly propped up in my head when I read the verse in your comment)

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  4. I love that ayat and the surah ar- rahman especially by muhammad jebril (90’s version) it brings back so many memories of childhood i could cry – though i’m only 18 ”childhood” might seem not so gone yet..ah well ..i’ll say a little while ago !! 😉

    • Yeah, the 90’s were some cool times weren’t they? You are only 18 and masha Allah you have lots to offer. I visited your blog and it seems like an excellent initiative!

  5. jazakallahu khairah ! for visiting my site ! thanx for the positive support i will continue to try my best and make it grow successful and aid all who join in success in their ventures inshallah !! 😉

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