Nothing like a walk in the park to unwind…

Complexes within the simplicity.


A flower bud. Endless possibilities. This is just the beginning...


The new merges with the old to produce a unique tree.


A glimpse of what was a beautiful tree.


Watching over you...


25 thoughts on “Nothing like a walk in the park to unwind…

  1. From the pictures you have posted here, the one on the top with blue skies and yellow flowers is the best of the lot. I like clear blue skies because we have a lot of snow and the visibility is poor but, as soon as the snowing is over we have clear blue skies unlike, Vancouver or Scotland which is always wet, damp, dull, boring and depressing. We have definitely more sunny days here and the snow looks beautiful, check out these links:

    A few stay home on sunny days during the winter time but, most people enjoy like this:

    Btw, which camera are you using?

  2. Love it, too! Especially the first and last ones, blue seems to be my favourite colour this year. So the more blue, the better ;). The first at least, has the most wonderful colours!

  3. I am writing mostly about Quebec and Montreal and not the whole of Canada. And, in my previous comment too, the French is spoken only in Quebec and not the rest of Canada. Vancouver is also a very beautiful city with very mild temperatures compared with the rest of Canada. But, Montreal with all its idiosyncrasies is still a better city for me — the winter is a bit long and stretched but, the three other seasons are gr8.

    On cameras I do have my old cameras Nikon F3 with all accessories, Rollie Flex, Mamiya, Konica and they are not digital. Bought one Sony with Karl Ziess lens but, not happy with it, was thinking of Canon too. But, whenever I decide to buy one, there is another new one with more features hence the decision goes into pending.

    When in Dubai, twice I got awards for amateur photographer of the year organized by Khaleej Times — one was for landscape and the other was for portrait of my niece. Both were developed by Saeed Photography, he is the best in the UAE.

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    • Thanks so much, and welcome to my little haunt.

      Umm, time, well, not exactly. I was juggling two little children, a stroller, a picnic basket and a camera all at the same time. lol

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