Stalking the golden ball (Part 2)

Basking in your glow...


Sometimes you just tear me apart. Rip me in half.


But it's really you holding me up through thick and thin, and for that, thanks.


Yes, the captions tell a story. I can imagine a certain follower smiling wryly…


20 thoughts on “Stalking the golden ball (Part 2)

  1. I really liked these photos. A lot actually. Seeing them again and again. 😀

    The sun is pretty big in the second image. How does that achieved? 🙂 Just curious. And in the third one, it seems like the delicate branch is holding the golden ball. I suspect that was your intention. 🙂

    • Aww thanks Nandini, glad to see you here. Just zoomed in a bit more to give bigger effect and the branch looked like it was ripping the sun.

      Yes you’re absolutely right that was my intention with the last one hence the caption.

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