Gazing at the minarets


The morning. Dank, cloudy and chilly, somewhat like my mood.


In the evening.


From between the plants


Another angle which shows both minarets


The full picture




20 thoughts on “Gazing at the minarets

  1. Islam is not about Minarets but every single mosque has a minaret because its symbolic to have a minaret for mosques and tombs like the famous Taj Mahal. The uniqueness of Taj Mahal is not just about its white marble but, the architecture is so perfect that from any angle you see Le Taj you can see all 4 minarets. Watch any photo or video of Taj and you will know what I mean. The landmark of Hyderabad India is Charminar, but you can only see 3 minarets from any angle.

    The Qutub Minar which was built in the 12th Century by the Slave Dynasty ruler Qutb uddin Aibak and was completed during the time of King Altamush. The beauty of Qutb Minar is not explained in detail by the people of India i.e., apart from the fact that it is built from red sandstone and marble. No one talks about the Islamic Calligraphy i.e., the verses of Quran that are engraved or etched on it.

    I have been there and seen it, the verses at the bottom of the minar are small so that you can read them while you are standing and then as you raise your gaze up at the minaret the size of the script increases so that you can still read it while you are standing on the ground. It is the gradual increase in script size or font size that makes it unique.

    Some Indian Hindu extremist believe that the first Muslim ruler i.e., Qutb-uddin Aikbak erased the temples on that site and used the sandstone to make the minar. There is no proof of that yet they make a noise against its existence. I keep my fingers cross that they don’t go to the extent of destroying it like they did to the Babri Masjid. Perhaps the only other reason they will protect it is, its a tourist attraction and they get the revenue. Some even claim that The Taj Mahal was built by a Hindu Raja for his wife and the Emperor Shahjehan took it from him.

    I love the Turkish and Moorish architecture in Istanbul and Garnada. My favourite mosque is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul it is indeed a beautiful mosque from outside and inside. The acoustics are unplugged, I mean there aren’t any electrical gadgets such as amplifier and speakers and yet you can hear the sermon in every corner.

    I don’t see any architectural wonder or aesthetic beauty in the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore except for the fact that it was built to commemorate the Pakistan Resolution. I love historical buildings and I appreciate good architecture. And, I hate glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers mushrooming. Sorry Dubaiyans but, its a fact. Earlier Abu Dhabi was like that and Dubai had a different lifestyle but, now Dubai has become a city of skyscrapers which is not the city I like or appreciate.

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