Another beach, another day

The horizon, adorned with, umm, buildings.


It's gonna be a long walk. Thought I'd let you know...


Sometimes I want to disappear into the horizon, sort of like the rays of the sun here.


Depression. Pun intended?


"Ouch! That's hot!" said the trees.


56 thoughts on “Another beach, another day

  1. BEAUTIFUL… Is funny, so I thought of one day to move to Dubai! It was one of those crazy thoughts I had at one time. I was looking for a job that would relocate me, since my other experience is doing window displays and store visual merchandising, but I was sort of scared cause I don’t really know much of the culture, but I hear its just AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!! Beautiful images..

    • Really… Well the city is home to over 140 nationalities, and most people like it here. perhaps you could give it a shot.

      And thank you, glad you liked the photos!

  2. the next time I comment here..I shall do some homework and search for adjectives in the dictionary..coz sometimes there are really no words to describe your photography.. 🙂
    May Allah swt preserve your talent!
    and those are your footprints (in the 2nd pic)?

  3. Photography is about playing with light, with a tiny little bit of light just enough to cover the sensor of the camera. Once you captured it, it is totaly yours and you can make your owne world wth light and shadows, colors and forms and the possibilities go beyond immagination.

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