Top ten reasons I blog


I’ve noticed I blog more when I’m tired or stressed or both. And especially when I have a deadline looking at me square in the eyes, which, as it so happens, is just around the corner. It’s almost as though my creative juices begin to flow in a desperate attempt to keep me off the work at hand!? Go figure. Anyhow! Here are the main reasons why this blog exists and gets updated.


  • It’s like a part of ME. I can discuss what I want, when I want, how I want! I am not invading anyone’s personal space and I get to say something that I feel I need to let the world know.
  •  Helps me run away from it all. Sometimes you just want to retreat in your little corner. That’s what the blogosphere is to me. A retreat where real life seems far away and I happily ‘like’ and comment on other blogs and welcome people on mine.
  •  It’s not snoopy/nosy like Facebook, and not addictive like Twitter.
  •  I get to chronicle my published articles in a cool systematic way, and feel like less of a fool.
  •  I get to learn photography, from the work of some talented shutterbugs and I get to display my own efforts on the same.
  •  People who hate me can’t admit they’ve read/seen/regularly browse my blog, so that means I can be nasty about them whenever I want. Except I’m not. Whew!
  •  No editorial boundaries!!! I’m the boss! ‘Nuff said!
  •  Get to meet some wonderful people. Made some friends too!
  •  Taking photos, editing them and even making pictorials is kinda cathartic. Only wish I had more time.
  • Sometimes, I make a positive difference in people’s lives, and invariably, in my own.


So there’s my list. Share your own reasons for blogging in the comments!


36 thoughts on “Top ten reasons I blog

  1. Funny how I wrote about the same thing yesterday already by now, on my romanian blog :D.( . I said that I didn’t know the reason so far and always looked for it, but now I found it : it is like a diary, to write down important happenings and feelings that come in my life.

  2. I too would like to think I make a difference in peoples lives…even just a tiny one? Plus it makes me feel better that I can blog and vent away. And nobody can stop me! 🙂

  3. All 10 of your reasons make sense to me. Sometimes I questions why I took on the photo a day for 366 days project. But always the answer is (1) it’s fun and (2) I am enjoying meeting so many other bloggers sharing the same interests …. like you. Cheers!

  4. I blog when I have a gazzilion other things to fulfill..
    Whenever I have to meet a deadline, I’ve noticed i write a blog post about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my present state of mind..maybe its just

  5. Salaam sis,

    Please know that your last reason: “Sometimes, I make a positive difference in people’s lives, and invariably, in my own.” is true. I am one of those who benefit from reading your blog. 🙂

    I like to think that that’s the same reason I blog to.

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