So much beauty… not created in vain!

This is another ‘Rabbana Dua’ from the Quran. (3:191)

There are 40 such prayers that begin with “Our Lord” or “Rabbana”. God willing, I plan to make to make pictorials with most and then maybe even design a calender…

To see the other prayers I’ve worked on (photos and design) you could click here:

Rabbana Duas From the Quran

Oh and any feedback on the new theme would be appreciated. Yay or Nay? Let me know y’all!

Been a tough few days… I wonder if I really should blog that unbloggable rant after all…


13 thoughts on “So much beauty… not created in vain!

    • Thanks Regina! Your opinion resonates with me… Perhaps I could password protect the post and keep the password for regular readers only… hmm.. now there’s a thought…

  1. Obviously its your domain or kingdom and you have every right to say whatever you want to.Don’t you think blogging is a catharsis to some extent:)Rest you have a strong bond with Him as shown through your photography,so He will never disappoint you.

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