The overwhelming mercy

Note: Don’t know if you know about the unbloggable rant? This little poem is all that’s left of it. How strange.

Text and photo by Mehmudah Rehman


Sometimes I feel like a pebble in the way,

Dismissed into the distance by many a wandering foot,

At times farther away and sometimes just a step or two,

With every boot the challenge is new,

Forgotten, lonely and devoid of all respect,

With every new pedestrian I know not what to expect,

I wonder to myself – how long will this endless path continue?

All there is, is merciless hate – that indeed is true,

The darkness around me so profound, nothing could pierce it,

I plod along knowing I will once more be hit,

And then I found I wasn’t alone,

Perhaps my tears mattered to the One I call my own,

When I thought the path couldn’t get more treacherous,

I suddenly found Someone who was unbelievably generous,

Enveloping me in His overwhelming mercy – no I wasn’t forsaken,

Despite my mistakes, and my shortcomings, here was toleration,

Strangely, a part of me knew all along that help wasn’t far away,

That Allah’s mercy envelopes even a pebble in the way.

My questions, forgotten, my accusations no longer mattered,

The biggest query of all had been so effectively answered.

There was love, and a place I could turn to without being judged,

And for that alone, I let go of all that I ever begrudged,

My heart, as light and free as the feathers of a bird,

Takes flight into the sky content that it’s been heard.



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