A moment in the shade…

It’s when I take a break from the manic pace of life, let the soft sunlight penetrating through the trees fall on my face, and breathe deeply and find comfort in the earthy smell of soil, grass and trees. That’s when I connect with myself and with God, and realize that there is more to life than just meeting deadlines, following timetables and working like machines.

Only if I want it to, contentment can replace that unsatisfying sense of exhaustion — the kind that tires you out, and yet you know you got nothing ‘done’.

Here’s to a few restful moments under the shade – far away from everything and everyone…




15 thoughts on “A moment in the shade…

  1. At the end of our journey it is not about what we have done or what we achived. It ‘s about love we ware able to recieve and to give, as simple as that.
    It looks a nice place to rest and meditate.

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