Five things that can change my life

1.       Positive self-image and self-esteem:

Now, I want to consciously build a positive self-image. And self-belief as well, that I can indeed conquer the odds. I sometimes get in that mode when I find fault with everything I do and I just feel bad about myself.

2.       Attack the piles of work like… right away, not tomorrow:

I’m going to take action and read and revise and actually welcome my exams. Delayed action is sometimes equal to no action.

3.       Eat healthier:

Intelligent snacking is a good way to boost energy levels and can help you concentrate. Mindless snacking is the exact opposite.

4.       Pray with a purpose:

Prayer is a beautiful thing and if done in the correct spirit it can be immensely relaxing (meditative) and it can take care of just about everything. I will make a serious effort to pray better – qualitatively first.

 5.       Forgive: me and the world:

I am forgiving everyone, for whatever they did to me, and I am forgiving myself for making mistakes, for being imperfect and for goofing up.

Stay blessed!


20 thoughts on “Five things that can change my life

  1. First thing: Thanks for stopping by at my end.

    Second Thing: I am researching on prayers, not from it’s religious aspect but from it practical aspect in our daily life.

    My research is saying, when I left my prayers intentionally, their are 2 things common which happened at that time, restlessness and inconsistency arises in my activities.

    Similarly due to these two things others things correlate with it and make things more complicated. Amongst the major thing is Time management, Health Issues and Depression.

    When I have again started the prayers, my consistency increases, and since I make the objective that I have to make my prayers when the prayer has been called in my Time management skill increase considerably. All my other activities coincide with it. Similarly to time management and consistency issues, my work activities gets more organized and the work depression decreases steadily and the resulting Health issues relating to it.

    Moreover, when you have in mind that you have perform your prayers you will sleep early and wake up early, which is the mother of all health pills in my books.

    I recently attended a workshop on Health issues. The speaker shared a very interesting story of Winston Churchill, he said, he was by birth fat, have always high blood pressure, sugar, heart disease and related illness, infact he has got so many illness that we cannot name it.

    On top of it, he used to make fun of doctors, when they have gave him prescriptions and health warnings, he instead was a heavy drinker, smoke cigars and died at the age of 91.

    The researchers find it very amusing to know the secret of his long age. They found that he always take 5 – 15 minutes break before anything he does. His colleague and aides say that whenever in high tension times during war we always find him active, fresh and lively. He always used to say give me 5 – 15 minutes time I will be back. And we always find him as if no tiredness or fatigue or any depression passes from his side.

    5 time prayers gives this same lesson to us. if we seek it.

    I work in a profession which is very stressful and full of fatigue and pressure, and since I have started my research, I have saw drastic changes in organizing my work, family life, personal activities and other things.

    Sorry for giving a long lecture on your post. But I thought it owe it. Instead I am thinking to put it in my blog next time 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind.

    Take care and stay best,

    Kind Regards

    Color of my life 🙂

    • Thanks very much for a very interesting and thought-provoking comment!

      You should certainly do a post on your blog too, it would enlighten your readers too! I agree completely – all three issues, time management, health and depression can all be controlled wonderfully by prayers.

      This certainly deserves more thought, and more importantly action.

  2. All true. I still try to stick to the ‘DO IT NOW’ motto…….don’t always succeed but I do try. We also ave an english saying – that if you want a job doing ask a busy man (woman). Tend to agree.

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