5 points on why ice-skating = mortification!

I am NEVER ice-skating again. Okay maybe I am. It was fun (despite my jelly legs) and I have a big ugly bruise on my knee to show for my efforts.


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Five things that happened, that you should know about.

1. DH (who skates fairly well) says bend your knee and give yourself a push. I bend my knee and push myself (and go WHAM on the ice on said knee). Cannot get up because the ice is too slippery. DH says get up already. I say I am applying ice to the knee. (I know, genius comment right?) Finally get up to concerned stares from random skaters.

2. My older one was also on the ice-rink for the first time and did FAR better than your’s truly. Younger one and me were neck and neck on who did worse.

3. If you didn’t excel at something as a kid chances are you will be pathetic at it when older. I was never good at any type of skating as a kid. (Roller-blading, skateboards, they were all beyond me when I was a kid).

4. I know how it feels to lie down straight on the ice. Yes, the next time I fell, I just lay down as though I was in bed. Then sat then got up gingerly and almost fell again.

5. It is possible to sweat profusely out of embarrassment and haplessness even if you are on a floor made exclusively of ice.

But I still think I’d give it another go if I had the chance. I would give it another shot after watching many YouTube videos and reading articles on ice-skating. And I would spin circles around DH with my perfect flair and balance. Mental images of myself gliding along the ice, looking at him patronizingly put a smile on my face.

(Wakes up from pleasant daydream).

Can you skate well? Are first ice-skating experiences always this bad? Please share your experiences in the comments!


20 thoughts on “5 points on why ice-skating = mortification!

  1. Babe, I don’t know how anyone can NOT skate? Isn’t it like one of those natural things like breathing? You just get the hang of it.. The first time I tried ice skating… oh yeah I was awesome at it 😛 I didn’t fall down even once but I kept seeing others fall down and I made a 360 degree spin and fell on the floor to join everybody, it was only the next day I realized that price for my jump was HEAVY.
    I can’t do difficult stuff on the ice but I’m alright. I do love roller blades though so I guess that made it easy, I wish you had made a video of yourself 😛

    • thank you very much. I feel wonderful. hehe.

      Good on you Masha Allah. We should go ice-skating sometime, so you can teach me! Yeah I think rollerblades expertise should really help.

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