A poem for my ex.

(Note: I wrote this poem after my ex and I got together — but only for a day. Make sure you read it right till the end.)


A poem for my ex

You and I got back together,

But only for a day,

Before each one of us went our own separate way,

We had spent each waking moment in each other’s company,

I never slept without you by my side, some said it was funny,

Touching you with my hands I relived those moments,

Those golden days when I felt content even with your silence,

I liked your dark handsome looks,

You were nothing like those two-timing crooks,

You did everything you could and yet I had to let you go,

I’m sorry for the pain it caused – you didn’t even show,

You seemed to understand when I didn’t pick you,

Yet I know you were hurt when there was someone new,

You stood on the sidelines watching as someone took your place,

You handled those moments with unmatchable grace,

And yesterday when I needed you, you were happy to be with me again,

But I was frustrated even then – I cannot feign.

You’re just not that sexy, and neither are you as cool,

You’re not the kind that would make a girl drool,

Yes you can be counted upon and no doubt you are smart,

But the iPhone is smart too – and a perfect piece of art!

You my dear Nokia E71,

My time with you is over and done,

We shared some precious moments together,

And you may call me a friend of only fair-weather,

But the iPhone has a sublime touch-screen,

And the apps are some of the best I have ever seen,

So I bid you farewell until I need you again,

Having you around  for emergencies is a boon not a bane!

Ha ha – thumbs up if you thought I was talking about a guy in the beginning. Apologies to call a phone an ex but really we spend more time with our smartphones than we do with our significant others – don’t you agree?

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21 thoughts on “A poem for my ex.

  1. I dunno if you have seen a TV commercial ad? Its about the modern day SWIFFER and the traditional broom. The comparison between the two is similar to the NOKIA and iPhone that you made above.

  2. it was a very good metaphor
    and made the message all the more real
    perhaps you too should have another look
    just to be sure you understood what you’ve seen

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