Yes, it’s okay to be different!


A few days back I asked my readers what they thought about being one’s own person in a society that is all about conforming to the norms. I got interesting answers, and finally I thought about the issue myself. Here’s what I realized.

It’s far safer to conform, it’s so much less challenging to go with the flow. But some of us just aren’t made for that. I know I would be miserable if I stopped following my heart and my gut feelings. I know I’d never be satisfied if I wasn’t true with myself.

This is me. And I’m not about to change.


13 thoughts on “Yes, it’s okay to be different!

  1. Yes its Ok to be Different. But, I had experienced . You cannot stay different for much longer with regard to few aspects. For example in case you do not like certain people who are related to you in such a way that you require to meet them occasionally either with emotions or without emotions and that you do not like to meet them. However you meet them forcefully. You cannot be always different in this regard.

  2. Love the message you give with this picture! People to easily forget that they are good just the way they are and that is ok to stay yourself.
    Really love your work! 🙂

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