A glimpse into my mind

Been confused and frustrated these days… So created this on Photoshop…

A Glimpse into My Mind


17 thoughts on “A glimpse into my mind

  1. The Dalai Lama said: “Don’t fight your annemy (=anything that brings frustration in life). To have an annemy is an opportunity to learn about yourself and an exercise in life it self, so be grateful to meet him”.
    An exiting creation, despite the confusion.

  2. Frustration and anger are common reactions to CFS and fibromayalgia, it happens among more and more women because at times they find themselves helpless and weak. BUT, they should not because CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome is the result of daily routine fatigue, exhaustion, restlessness and the feeling of helplessness in the male dominated society esp. where you are currently living. Most ppl may not agree with me but, its a fact. Its more so in KSA and other conservative countries.

    You are doing fine by keeping yourself busy, but you need to share this with some good, reliable friends or a psychologist. When the word psychologist is used ppl immediately jump to the conclusion that, I am not sick. I don’t need a shrink. That is not what it is, its sharing of your sorrows and woes and psychologists are professionals and they help you more than your own because you open up in front of them and talk to them more openly and freely. Whereas, you are shy and afraid of talking to your own ppl even friends who are from your country and who know your family or circle of friends, sometimes ppl open up with complete strangers while traveling and then they never see them again. And that feeling of not seeing them again makes you feel more comfortable and you share your problems with them. Sometimes you get a good advice and if you don’t then, the comfort of venting out your feelings relaxes you.

    I am not a shrink nor an expert but, I know this much and I am pretty sure that if you talk to a professional and say him/her what I have said, they will not disagree with this. So, go ahead keep your worries aside and take a deep breath and think what I have just said. Most importantly do something about it. Keeping yourself busy doing what you are doing is like hiding dirt under the carpet because you should never underestimate the power of your mind over your body!

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