The moments slip by


Photo and Text by me


Someone stop the hands of time,

They’ve tricked me time and again,

Time’s slipping by like a sailing ship,

Or like sand through my fingers, I can’t get a grip,

I know the time is near, it’s almost staring me in the eye,

To use it wisely I have to try,

Oh Allah, why did the moments of the blessed month pass away so soon,

It seems like only yesterday we saw the Ramadan moon,

I thought I’d fast and pray and get closer to You,

I thought I would find that which is pure and true,

But the month just went by and I couldn’t even hold on,

Allah, Oh Allah, it almost appears to be gone!

The blessed night remains concealed,

During which Your book was revealed,

I thought I’d find it and it would change everything,

Oh how much peace and blessings it would bring!

But Allah will I find it, or will I remain in darkness?

I implore You My Lord, praised be Your greatness!

Allow me to find it, guide me and hold my hand,

Make it easy for me to in worship stand,

My heart is sinking, my face is covered with shame,

Truly my Lord, I am the one to blame,

Oh Allah my ibadah is like a man without limbs and without senses,

So imperfect, pitiable, lacking – yet I seek Your good graces,

Perhaps next Ramadan I won’t be around to witness,

Please Allah answer my call of distress,

My deen and dunya are both precariously poised,

Around me there is strife and a surreal noise,

Make me steadfast and amongst those pardoned,

Save me from losing hope and feeling disheartened,

Please don’t judge me Allah, have mercy upon me,

In the gardens of Jannah please let me be.



16 thoughts on “The moments slip by

  1. Ameen. Subhanallah, brought tears to my eyes. You are not alone. May Allah (swt) help us all improve our ibadah. Ameen.

    A du’a I learned the other day and I say all the time when I feel out of touch with ‘ibadah – Allahuma inee audhubika min qalbin la yaksha. Oh Allah I seek refuge with you from a heart that does not have khushu’. It is a du’a said by the Prophet (saw).

    And for when you feel lazy – la illaha illAllah wahdahu la shareeka la la hul mulk wa la hul hamd yuhyee wa yumeet wa huwa ala kulee shayin qadeer. (one time)

  2. Wow, mashAllah. On point, sister, on point ( as to how so many of us feel). Ameen and may your duaas be accepted and your life eased.

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