FAQ’s and a poem for Mom

Why am I not blogging anymore?

I’ve been too caught up with life. Both physically and emotionally too drained out to do more.

Is this blog dying?

No, but unfortunately it appears to be in a coma.

Have I stopped photography?

No but I’m too knackered to post the pics up here.

Why don’t I visit your blogs anymore?

Time. And I do. Honest. Just not as much as before.

Do I intend take up blogging seriously again?

Oh yes. Just don’t know when. I miss it immensely.

Do I value your likes, emails, comments, and visits?

Oh yeah!!!! Like anything. Thanks so much for all the love! It makes me smile.

Have I died?

Err, not yet. Thankfully.

So that just about wraps it up. And a little poem to Mom before I leave…

To Mom…

You left us too soon, and too suddenly,

Sometimes I wonder if you’re really still there,

You with your winning smile and lovely hair,

You with your gentle ways and unmatchable sincerity,

You with your culinary talents and all round dexterity,

You with a voice that could do away with a thousand fears,

You with a hug that could wipe away my tears,

You with your carefully thought out advice,

You with your loving chiding were eternally nice,

You with that special fragrance that was exclusively yours,

You with your chadar on casually as you did the chores,

You’re missed Mom, more than you know,

Your absence makes the fondness grow,

Your departure has left a void that can never be fulfilled,

There’s always something missing even when I’m thrilled,

And in times of pain and frustration and when nothing makes sense,

I long for your sensible words that would help me cleanse,

I search Mom, and I search but I can’t hold on to you,

A fleeting image of your sparkling smile that’s all I have of you.

If you know I’m writing this, I just want to say thank you very much,

And that I dearly miss your presence and your loving touch.

You went away too soon, I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye,

All I have in remembrance of you is this tear from my eye.


17 thoughts on “FAQ’s and a poem for Mom

  1. Beautiful poem and remember there are no rules for how many time you have to blog or visit other blogs – I like to read you blogs form time to time and when you post something new it’s like the arrival of a lovely meal that you’ve been looking forward to :-S … erm… I think 🙂 Best wishes!

  2. Beautiful poem. And am very sorry for the reason behind it :(. I couldn’t see any posts from you for a long time. Thats when i visited your blog and found this :(. Take care and i hope you come back healed. All our blessings and support to you! We are here for you 🙂

  3. Asalaam oalaikum, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. Rest and rejuvenate, grief sometimes freezes one, you will thaw with beauty and compassion when the time is right, inshallah. Love and duas!

  4. Very doleful to learn of the loss of your dear mum. What a beautiful tribute to her. Poem brought tears to my eyes. Blog-world will still abide in wait for when you are ready and able. Wonderful post. Must say I can relate very much so. In my thoughts, many ebullient cheers to you,

    Autumn Jade

  5. I understand Mahmudah. The loss of a mother is not easy to get over, and the grieving process cannot be hurried. Take your time. The blog and us will still be her when you are ready to return.
    That song and your poem made me cry.

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