What this blog means to me…

Reflections ... about the blog

Reflections … about the blog


This blog knows me better than most people do. If WordPress were a person, it would know yours`truly very well — the person I try my best to keep shrouded from the prying eyes of the world.

There have been times when I have written blog posts teary-eyed, times when I have been intensely involved with producing ‘the right picture’, days when I write it all out, only to save it (and later delete) in the drafts section. Days when I feel like the blog embodies everything that matters to me, days when I feel like it’s all been a failure.

This blog shared the moments of unbearable pain and unbelievable ecstasy, knew of the thoughts that occupied my mind as I couldn’t sleep. And you know one of the reasons why this blog is so important to me? Because of YOU.

Yeah, you. You who read the blog, liked it, shared it, appreciated it. You guys, who came from 147 countries in the world and made it all seem worthwhile. So thanks, from the bottom of my heart. 2012 has been better stats-wise than the last, but hopefully the blog and I can grow together some more. In Shaa Allah.

Oh and lastly… Some things that happened in the recent past have made me very aware of what I write up here. Have some of you (older followers) noticed that I no longer pour my heart out here as I used to? Perhaps the personality that this site had in the early days, when every hit had me reeling with excitement (lol!) is no longer there. I hope to inject that personality back somehow… yet I have now learnt, it probably isn’t the best idea to open up so much without a pseudonym; it can make one very vulnerable.

Wishing you all the best for 2013,





10 thoughts on “What this blog means to me…

  1. I find your blog always touching, often I can feel your pain and yes, I think if we all were to be honest, we’ve all written very personal things aimed at being published only to delete them at the last minute. Think of this as a form of therapy… if you like, you are writing things that distress you and then erasing them. Of course the issues remain even when the words don’t but it’s a positive step in the same way that some people write their problems on pieces of paper and then burn them.

    I can only imagine some of the issues you have keeping your blog up-to-date but you are sharing something special with people that know this. You have touched our lives and we (well I am anyway) much better for it.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks Martyn! That has to be one of the most meaningful comments I’ve ever received.
      And I love the idea too.. therapy!

      Thanks again, glad to have touched your life, as you have touched mine with your lovely photography!

  2. Dekhna Taqreer ki lazzat ke jo us ne kaha
    Mein ne jana goya ye bhee mere dil mein hai!
    Mehmudah I couldnt believe my eyes as I read thru your blog… you have expressed beautifully what I fee after I started blogging but just couldnt express in such a wonderful manner! Wish you all the best and success in all walks of life..in 2013 and all the years to follow!

  3. I can safely (& proudly) say that I am amongst the first readers of this blog – which has evolved a lot and changed a bit since then. Still my favorites are those ‘old’ kind of posts, I hope you know what I mean.

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