Note to self.

Hopelessness. A yearning that’s never going to end.



Playing with fonts...

Playing with fonts…

It’s time to break free,

It’s time to hope again,

It’s time to remember that you will rise again,

It’s time to move on, time to forget,

It’s time to know that life’s not always a scary threat,

It’s time to rekindle friendships, it’s time to stop being cynical,

Your deep mistrust in everyone is almost comical,

Remember, each person is not alive just to tear you apart,

It’s time to perceive life with an open heart,

It would be nice if you stopped wasting time,

Use the days wisely, you are in your prime,

There’s only so much you can mope,

Wherefore is that lovely thing called hope?

Adversity? Why does it scare you so?

That’s how life is, don’t you know?

If you will, with Allah’s will, defeat it!

Don’t let it kill your very spirit,

Come on, my friend, you know it’s time to embrace life once more,

Don’t miss the opportunities knocking at your door!

What’s happened, has happened, and may well scar you forever,

But to let it stop you from everything — now that’s not exactly clever!

So you’re a fool sometimes, and you’ve messed up pretty bad,

Seriously, those are experiences everyone’s had!

So please be happy, and please remember to smile,

Learn to hope again, and not just for a little while!


2 thoughts on “Note to self.

  1. Amazing Mummu!!!! Specially at this time and day in my life… Means a lot.
    Wish we could actually see life this way… Got a lot to learn..
    JazakaAllah! Love u

  2. This is so motivating Mehmudah! I related so much to everyone line, as if you have written this poem just for ME!!! Jazakillah and please keep posting such positive messages! In trying times, they motivate us to move forward in spite of life’s adversities!

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