I flew.

I closed my eyes. I flew. Into another place. Where hatred, jealousy, spite, malice and anger did not exist. Where it was peaceful. Where around me was a thirst for things that mattered; things such as knowledge, honesty and true love.

The cocoon that had opened showed me a new place — where I had turned into a butterfly too! Where people did not smile just because it was politically the right thing to do, and they smiled from within because they wanted to. Where the world wasn’t like a merciless clockwork, and people actually did the things they cared about.

Where people didn’t judge you. Where people were kind, just kind because they were internally nice, and not because they had to be or else.

A place where you could be happy and not worry. You know that nagging feeling when you’re happy and another corner of your brain is worrying? None of that. Happy. Period.

How? Where? Did I get there? Can I stay there?

Can you?

Yes. The answer to all that is yes.

Let go. Of every thing, of every fear, of every negativity. Just wash it off, everything that clouds and dirties your brain. Purity. In the heart and the mind. And you’ll be surprised at how clean the world looks. It’s your eyes isn’t it? They were caked with grime, and everything you saw was far murkier in your vision than it was for real. Let go.

The grime can leave. It can leave as soon as it begins to accumulate again. I’m flying. I’ve taken flight.

Join me?


10 thoughts on “I flew.

  1. I just read this and it matches with my recent blog post. I am sure millions of people like you and me would be thinking the same thing. This world seems cleaner already. Sending love and light. ❤

  2. I appreciate such thinking. But is there any place left over in the world which is so ideal that there no hatred exist. However we have to make the place where we are living hatred free. We have been taught that one has to mold himself in such a way that wherever he goes he should leave a feeling of love and people should wish that he should stay for some more time in between them. I remember on speech given by one of the great scholar who is no more now that one should practice humanity wherever he goes, either it is his house or his work place. People should admire his humanitarian nature. Irrespective of whether he is getting rewarded or not if one thinks that it is basic requirement of a person to be human with other humans then several problems will get solved. But this world as now I am seeing is full of hatred. There is hardly any one who preaches humanity. In such a scenario it requires mass movements to eradicate such hatred. I find forum like this one useful to mobilize people for a good purpose. Even I also intend to start such a movement which should lead to a great benefit of humanity in this world. Some times a single word coming out of your mouth or a single line written may cause great help in changing the hearts and minds of people. Through this forum I also like suggestions from people how can we propagate in persons of good heart who should come forwards to work for the benefit of humanity in the field of education, moral teachings etc. We have to think seriously how can we take fruitful messages to the societies in the world who are badly in need of basic requirements. However I feel that it is only a start and the task will be taken forward by the people who have a soft heart towards our brothers and sisters who are badly in need of basic education of all sorts may come forward and start an organised movement to motivate people to attract them towards the basic needs like education etc. I hope ,my reply will lead to start of a fruitful movement in this regard.

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