Obstacles? Nay, opportunities.





7 thoughts on “Obstacles? Nay, opportunities.

  1. I don’t know if things happen for a reason. It ‘s not necesarrely to overcome the obstacles in our live. The most importent is that we learn from them and even accept them.

  2. Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sis,
    This sounds so familiar subhanAllah. Actually there was this professor at my university who’d repeat this idea very often. It was kind of like his slogan. Although he phrased it slightly differently…”Change the problems into opportunities….and negatives into positives”

    It does make a lot of sense. Jazak’Allah Khayr for this wonderful thought! 😀

    • Walaikumassalam wr!! Welcome to the blog. Yes, I heard it in an online lecture and loved the idea… it’s about how we can transform our lives by just being positive 🙂

      JAK for the comment.

  3. Hi dear,Hope you can get something out of my writings as well. If you are interested reblog a few of my posts to help spread our message. I’ll be following your blog.look forward to reading and sharing blogs!
    thank you so much for your kindness and following in advance.I also like your blog that is full of great ideas. Please keep in touch. Cheers!

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