That special energy…

Life is governed by a strange unidentifiable spiritual energy. The kind that keeps you going. Something that’s in your heart and soul, keeps you energetic, smiling, motivated, cheerful, ALIVE.

Gives you something to wake up for everyday. Keeps you interested. Do you have that in your life? Do you consciously ensure that you are in that state of mind when you feel truly alive and grateful?

I’m usually a very cheerful person. I’m a go-getter, I’m a fast learner and an earnest trier, but what’s true is that I’ve had my share of turning into a cynic. But not any more. I admire positivity and want to be someone who sees the glass half full. Yet lately I’ve been feeling so stripped of that zing (if you like), that spiritual energy that keeps me going.

Tell me what you think. Does this force exist, even? Is it essential? Is it a part of you? Do you even care?


2 thoughts on “That special energy…

  1. I think we all have these stages of ups and downs. Sometimes I feel myself bubbling with life, while on some days for no apparent reason my spirits droop! A good frame of mind is necessary for creativity, so like a spectator, I just sit back and wait for my bad patch to be over!!

    • Yasmin! Thank you for the insight. sounds like a good idea to me, although I cannot stand being down. I love being up and about, both physically and emotionally. Hopefully my blue funk has finished Insha Allah! take care…

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