Beyond the Hijab

Hi there!
I came across this post a while back, and I suddenly realized this was exactly what I needed.
It’s easy to get lost in the flashing lights and pull of this worldly life. Sometimes, all I seem to care about is “me”. Is there a greater purpose in life than just looking amazing, having fun and making loads of money, and being popular? And if all that is achieved, is there any true peace in it? What’s the greater purpose?

Footprints in the Sands of Time

First published in I Got it Covered

There is a thick layer of grime that encrusts the walls of my heart. I know this isn’t a great way to start an article, but for this piece I couldn’t come up with anything that was more apt. To be sure, I’m a hijabi and I mostly offer salah with punctuality, but my inner self is an unfortunate combination of doubts, sins, ego, self-love and love of dunya.

Take a moment to look inside your heart, and if you find your eman glowing and shining like a hidden pearl, I envy you.  If you find stuff that disappoints you or embarrasses you, I guess you could say you and I are in the same boat. Because when I stand at the fringes of the circumference that is me and my life, and like a detached viewer assess all that’s happening within…

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