The metro and my thoughts

Hey All!

Apologies for the unannounced hiatus. I’ve been busy with exams. Just a quick one to share iPhone photos of the metro (Instagrammed, yeah!)

Hope you like them.




Oh by the way, were you wondering why I called this post “The metro and my thoughts”? Because public transport is a great place for getting your thoughts together. And if the ride is long, it’s great for clearing out your email inbox too. Trust me on this one, lol.


8 thoughts on “The metro and my thoughts

  1. Brilliant work!! Photo-1 and also Photo-3 are my favourites here.
    Ending lines remind me of an old saying that you can make many friends during a train journey. Of course, there were no iPhones and internet back then.

    • Thanks Raheel! Yes, funny thing, thats exactly what I was thinking, and said it to the lady next to me on the bus, who nodded politely but then got busy with her phone as did I haha

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