Knock! Knock! Who’s there?


Mehmudah who?

Mehmudah who used to blog so often but doesn’t have a waking moment free anymore!

Whew! A preschool teacher who’s a full time mom? No wonder I can’t blog, write and do photography as often as I would like to. But it’s all good. Guess I get stressed and exhausted but that’s just part of life. Gotta breathe! Gotta be thankful!

Some readers felt I was a bit sharp and not-so-decent in my last couple of blogs — I apologize for that and I’ve removed any offensive words.

I keep having moments of the writers rush (times when ALL I want to do is write and then instead I’m soothing crying kids or cooking or making lesson plans and the moment goes away). So when I finally come here and blog, all I do is beat about the bush… lol

Also, I LOVE comments and likes and visits. I’m just sooo caught up with the new academic year, I haven’t had a chance to respond. But really, they touch my heart. Each and every one of your likes, comments and visits. So please continue 🙂


One thought on “Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

  1. It’s difficult to maintain a continuous balance between what you ‘want’ to do and what you ‘have’ to do. At times, this becomes a little uncomfortable too, but the key is to keep trying (& not to panic).

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