Questions to Self.

Kids, work and home is mad busy as always. There are days when I feel so unsure of everything — and days when I feel things are finally falling into place. There are dreams, there are aspirations, but most of all there is a realization that time is running out.

Days turn into weeks, weeks slip into months and a frantic sense of urgency surrounds me. The girls are growing up, I’m growing older. Am I becoming a better person? Have I brought them up the right way? Would Allah be happy with me if I died right now? Have I even made a sincere effort to do my job in this world right? Am I getting lost in petty ego battles and politics? How did I become a better human being than I was yesterday? Will I change the world someday? Am I making a difference in the lives of those around me, and those near and dear to me? As a human being would I inspire anyone in positive way?

My intentions. Only the Lord knows my intentions. I wish they were always clean and pure.

I’m here in this world for a reason.


2 thoughts on “Questions to Self.

  1. Sometimes in the hectic flow of life, in midst moments of confusion we need a brief respite, a recap, as such, of our purposes. We question ourselves to smooth out the flow again.
    Well said.

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