Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

favours of your lord

I look up in wonder at the sky,

I want to connect and I want to say so much,

I want to say sorry and I want to give thanks,

Words fail me my Lord; I somehow go blank.


My own silliness and my own mistakes line up before me,

All too obvious in hindsight, ironically,

Incredulous, I know how You still didn’t let me fall,

Oh Allah, You listened even when I was unable to call.


I made promises, and I vowed to mend my ways,

I broke my word countless times, but to You is all praise,

You didn’t judge me – you dealt with mercy and with love,

A love so complete, so powerful, that I am unworthy of.


You bless me my Rabb, with every passing moment,

I while away this wonderful gift of life in thankless enjoyment,

A discomfort so deep nestles within my humiliated heart,

I’ve taken things for granted and I haven’t played my part.


But does it matter ya Allah, if I say sorry yet another time?

Is there a way to fully convey the ghastliness of my crimes?

Is there a way to turn back, when I know I’ve ventured too far out?

Allah I know You understand the profound embarrassment that I speak about.


But I talk to You this day with hope and with yearning,

Knowing that to the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful I am turning,

Who forgives, forgets, cleanses me, even when I’m wrong, so wrong,

Please hold me once more Ya Allah — to You I belong.


I’ve messed up time and again, and I’ve not amended myself,

Yet there’s no despair in Your mercy, You said so Yourself,

I need miracles, I need more chances, and I need Your helping hand,

Mercy that befits You my Lord, indeed You are grand!


Don’t let me down, don’t let me turn astray,

Why I am unable to bend and why is it that I cannot pray?

I call on You in humility, defeated, undone by my own madness,

Still holding on to the ultimate hope of Your greatness.


My Lord words fail me again everything seems inadequate,

But You comprehend what lies beneath my tears, unstoppable and adamant,

I’ll leave it at that, Wallahu Aleemum Bi Dhaat is Sudoor,

My heart, and all its dirt and blackness — awaits your dazzling Noor.


7 thoughts on “Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

  1. Ye s I always feel why I fail in my efforts. There is a stage comes when a person thinks what he should do now. He will be in suffering status in all manners. He will be so frustrated that he will not see any way out of it. Almighty helps those who are really deserving for the help. I think most probably the sins of a persons stands before him as an obstacle between him and Allah’s help. I am waiting for those days to come back when Angels used to lead the congregation. Why today’s youngsters are so indolent., What is happening in today’s world. Do you find amakable solutions any where.. Right from individual the change has to come. I am too frustrated. How much work is going on even then the results are not appropriate. We have to assess ourselves. Where is the fault. Our own lives appear to be rotten. Whatever efforts are made are not even equal to an ant. The situation has reached to dangerous level. My writing is not just eye wash. We have to take an oath. Let us start with commitment that we not go back till we reach the goal. In whatever field we are working for the development of the individual and the groups of the ummah. Let us have more and more struggling efforts without tiring.

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