Surah Shams by Ahmad Saud

Loved this.. thought I’d share


2 All Time Favourites

I’ve been going through a bad patch (read: writer’s block) lately — haven’t found the time or even inspiration to write much… Gladly, things are turning around, and I will be posting when I can.

For now, 2 YouTube videos that always manage to touch me. The first is a recitation of the last two ayaat of Surah baqarah by Hasan Bin Abdullah Al Awadh, the little boy of Yassen Shareef YouTube fame with millions of hits. The second is an amazing nasheed that is totally how I feel – check out the translations, and I’m sure you’ll connect…

Hope you like ’em!!


Pearls for Friday

What a week this has been! Whew! Finally it’s Friday, which actually promises to be more tiring than the whole week put together… I want to fly away………… for a little bit, let me soar!

I hope to write a detailed post on that soon, Insha Allah. For now, enjoy these two recitations. The first is by Imam-al-Kaaba Maher Al-Muaiqely, and I adore the way this guy reads Surah Fatiha.

The second is a soothing recitation of Surah Kahf, I just got it on YouTube and it doesn’t mention the reciter’s name. Beautiful though.