Five things that can change my life

1.       Positive self-image and self-esteem:

Now, I want to consciously build a positive self-image. And self-belief as well, that I can indeed conquer the odds. I sometimes get in that mode when I find fault with everything I do and I just feel bad about myself.

2.       Attack the piles of work like… right away, not tomorrow:

I’m going to take action and read and revise and actually welcome my exams. Delayed action is sometimes equal to no action.

3.       Eat healthier:

Intelligent snacking is a good way to boost energy levels and can help you concentrate. Mindless snacking is the exact opposite.

4.       Pray with a purpose:

Prayer is a beautiful thing and if done in the correct spirit it can be immensely relaxing (meditative) and it can take care of just about everything. I will make a serious effort to pray better – qualitatively first.

 5.       Forgive: me and the world:

I am forgiving everyone, for whatever they did to me, and I am forgiving myself for making mistakes, for being imperfect and for goofing up.

Stay blessed!