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    • Hi , This is Rahman from Dubai i get call from 971 554709400 Du Sim, Mr Robert he said your Sim is nominated award 200,000 Dirham. that time i shock he said you get your amount any nearest exchange office.just switch off your mobile and remove the Sim. and for verification call this no.8997103. i done same thing. the given verify no is wrong i request to Du telecom take serious action .AND I REQUEST TO ALL READER DONT BELIVE THIS TYPE OF CALLS.

  1. Salaams Mehmudah, sorry to point out the error in your latest blog , fasting is from dawn to dusk and not dusk to dawn. love the photos. Imrana

  2. Assalam alaikum, I am Md.Sirajuddin from Hyderabad, India. Please see my reply posted in reply to your post ”I Fly” and respond to my thoughts please. I intend to start a movement in my city in Hyderabad, India which should lead to providing education to those societies/families which are living below poverty line. I like to pick up good intelligent students from the society/poor families for whome we can mobilize for providing good higher education. In this regard I require guidance from the readers of this forum too. I feel that we should involve ourselves in such little little actions which may lead to a big movement for the benefit of others.

  3. I was wondering if you could post daily pics of sunrise instead of odd days.i remember one year when the sun without ray fell on an even day and with two different starts of Ramadan this year,this may be better or what do you think ?

  4. Salam! Love your work mashallah! Do you have a group page on fb I could “like” for updates?
    From your fellow English Pakistani 🙂

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