What, really, is the world worth?

Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) said that the 2 units of sunnah prayer before the Fajr Salah are better than the entire world and all it contains.

Then what really, is the rat race for? The heartbreaks, the better position, the ‘ME’ we sometimes so blindly follow? Deception?

Let go. It’s not that important. Your connection to Allah while still living in this dunya is what really matters.

Oh to wander a little more…

I think something like this was originally said by JR Tolkien in Lord of the Rings (or is it Rumi?) but it’s very close to home.

I’m just feeling incredibly blessed every single day and the wanderer inside me just continues to float, discover, feel joy and then wander some more.

When the journey itself is success, there’s no pleasure as profound as seeking. Yep, go figure πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ½

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.




This ayah is one of the most beautiful in the Quran. May Allah envelop us in His mercy. Amen.

Anta Waliyyi Fid Dunya Wal Aakhirah

So I’m not blogging a lot, and I’m not very active on the blogosphere. Lots happening. Sorry guys, life.

Beautiful ayah from Surah Yusuf


I look up at the sky in wonder,

And I search for You my Lord,

The night descends with a stupor that hurts my ears,

My sight is blurred with tears,

My head is swimming with a million confusions,

With strange thoughts and impossible decisions,

The shore of the stormy sea is far away,

I hope to see the dawn of a pleasant day,

Allah I realize how helpless I really am without You,

Unless You will it there’s nothing I can do,

Not a step I can take not an eyelid can I blink,

Surely if You do not help me my boat will sink!

Our enemies are strong, vicious and armed,

Yet if Only you protect me I cannot be harmed,

Oh Allah, please have mercy on all those in need of Your guiding light,

Please be that Noor I desperately need in a never-ending night.