A breather away from the city

The last post talked about why I don’t rant here anymore, and you know just what I will do now? Well, rant of course. Classic case of contradiction but there you go. Okay, so tell me, have you ever PMS’ed on a long drive? I have. This is what happened recently:

Me: Deep in thought, chin in hands, thinking.

Him: You okay?

Me: Huh, what? You said something? (out of the daze momentarily)

Him: Haan, look do we have enough water in the car?

Me: Listen, please, okay! It’s not my fault if we don’t have enough water! It hasn’t rained in Dubai for ages – somehow that’s my fault too right? (Dangerously close to tears)

Him: Hey WTH? I just asked do we have enough water!?!?!?

Me: I hate it when people blame me for everything! Now please, just leave me alone. (Long sigh)


Me: I don’t know – I think I might be PMS’ing. Sorry…

Him: Yeah whatever.

We stopped at a mosque on the way. Laughed despite the bad mood when I saw this:

Yeah Okay I'm not through-ing my waist in the potty... okay? LOL

So that’s how it panned out. But when we got to the place we were going to, I think I cooled down considerably. These pics should tell you why…


Dibba beach

The beach again


A quiet getaway

This is how the sea water gushes back into the sea

bechari abandoned boat

Dibba Castle, a historic site that smells strongly of pigeons

Old stone structure, but so well preserved

My first cannon

Note: All images were taken by me on my not-so-great BenQ camera, which I hope to replace when I get a windfall from somewhere…


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