Anta Waliyyi Fid Dunya Wal Aakhirah

So I’m not blogging a lot, and I’m not very active on the blogosphere. Lots happening. Sorry guys, life.

Beautiful ayah from Surah Yusuf


I look up at the sky in wonder,

And I search for You my Lord,

The night descends with a stupor that hurts my ears,

My sight is blurred with tears,

My head is swimming with a million confusions,

With strange thoughts and impossible decisions,

The shore of the stormy sea is far away,

I hope to see the dawn of a pleasant day,

Allah I realize how helpless I really am without You,

Unless You will it there’s nothing I can do,

Not a step I can take not an eyelid can I blink,

Surely if You do not help me my boat will sink!

Our enemies are strong, vicious and armed,

Yet if Only you protect me I cannot be harmed,

Oh Allah, please have mercy on all those in need of Your guiding light,

Please be that Noor I desperately need in a never-ending night.



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